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My teaching beliefs

   If you can speak you can sing. With correct vocal technique exercises done properly, you can train the voice to work properly and then apply various styles and artistry  smoothly once everything is working properly to express yourself and your emotions. Through my own education and continual training and in my 19 years of teaching, I have learned that it is very important what kind of training your voice teacher has so they can make sure they are training students correctly and the most efficiently, and not causing harm or lasting damage to your voice. I was always the student asking “why? “ in my training so I could really understand it and sing well and correctly. Too many times vocalists work backwards – learning the song first, trying to work all the technically difficult parts out, while also stylizing and working on performing issues all at the same time.
   Vocal exercises, just like correct exercises for the rest of the body, provide a basis for all the things you choose to use your voice for. Please do not confuse vocal warm-ups for vocal exercises. They are different for the rest of the body and different for the voice as well. It is very important to find a voice teacher who truly understands the voice and how to explain it. Then you can be free to express yourself and whatever style you choose! Remember, you are paying whichever teacher you choose to help you understand and improve. It’s not your responsibility to have all of the answers, that is why you’ve come to seek a professional. Every person is different and I’ve learned to approach every student as an individual. It’s my job to understand your voice and be able to hear what is actually going on and know how to guide your voice in the right directions. 
      The voice is a sensitive instrument that is already affected by the stresses of life – lack of sleep, being under hydrated, health issues, and even emotional issues. But with correct vocal technique you can still sing with those human instrument issues, we all have to be able to. Without correct technique even the healthiest person can develop serious vocal problems with lasting damage. Singing should not be confusing or painful or strained when done correctly. And once the muscles of The voice are balanced, then power and resonance can be added and each person‘s personal style and emotion can be expressed with confidence to demand whatever you need from your voice. And without hesitation that it will come out well and endure even through demanding performance schedules. 
     No matter what age, it’s never too soon or too late. Whether you are wanted to sing just for yourself or for specific performance opportunities, or get a voice back in shape or work to a higher level, it is an important choice to research a trained professional. Singing is an incredible way to express emotions just for yourself or for a huge audience. I love the voice and how it works. I love helping others learn how to use their voice so they can truly express themselves and move others through their performance. Please contact me with any questions. I hope to hear from you soon!
Lessons Information
— lessons will focus on correct technique through exercises at the beginning of each lesson. Then we will apply that technique to the song of your choice, any style. We will also work on performance with and without a microphone as well as developing your personal artistry.
— I record each lesson on CD or I can email the file as well.
— We print lyric sheets for songs to write specific directions for practicing at home.
— If students need the sheet music I can buy the digital version and print it off to work with or have for an audition. The student will just be charged for the regular cost of the music.
— I hold Performance Master Classes for students to practice performing for other students as I coach them. Sometimes parents will be invited to watch.

Group Vocal Performance Master Class
-Call for locations and rates!
-Microphone Technique, Recording Studio and Audition Preparation addressed as well as Performance Technique and Stylization. 

Introductory Music Literature Classes 
(No classes open at this time)
- For piano prep
-Music appreciation
-Musical Theatre
-Call for information or for the wait list!

Studio located near Skyridge High School in Lehi, Utah. 
 -Online lessons available- please contact me with any questions about how to have the most effective virtual lessons.