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30 minute session $70

or discounted $60 for continuous sessions

45 minute session $105

or discounted $90 for continuous sessions

1 hr session $140

or discounted $120 for continuous sessions


$25- $40 for Online Group Lessons

Online Courses

Coming Soon!

*Contact me for current new student discounts*

How long of a session time do I need?

30 minutes

Best for those looking for…

An introduction to singing

Basic skills and understanding of the voice

Introduction to basic technique

Short application to song 


A short vocal assessment

45 minutes

Best for those looking for…

More time for higher level skills

Deeper understanding of the voice

More time for fine tuning

More intensive vocal training

More time for song application and detailed work

60 minutes

Best for those looking for…

Leveling up with intensive vocal training and skills

Deeper understanding of the voice for direction and intention

More fine tuning of resonance, vowel tuning, coordination

More detailed coaching and fine tuning of song and stylistic choices

90 minutes

Best for those looking for…

Preparation for Performances, Auditions, Recordings

Time for vocal warmup and training to clear the voice

And align and balance for easier singing and less tiring

Time to fine tune and use repetition to solidify 

In Studio Coaching

2 hour minimum

Vocal warmup and alignment

Help set the voice for placement and emotion

Help the voice if it feels strained or tired

More efficient time and effort used so you get the most out of your time

Contact me to help decide what frequency and length of lesson works best for your vocal goals.

Weekly, three times a month, every other week or more. 

How often should I come for lessons?

That depends on what level you are and how quickly you would like to progress. Most students come every week. This gives time to practice on your own what we have worked on together and learn how to feel it for yourself and repeat it to engrain those coordinations into your muscle memory and nervous system. Some like to meet more often if they have a performance or recording coming up or if they want to progress even more quickly. Every time we meet I can help correct issues that come up and help them not become poor habits and re-feel better alignment. Some people have more negative habits to help get rid of before we can move forward in relearning healthy habits. But the whole process is not linear, there are steps forward and back and it’s exciting that every lesson and practice session as you’re taking time with your vocal instrument you can always take more steps forward. You might consider more frequently meeting depending on how often you want to have the correction and realignment and direction from me as you learn balance, and then we can progressively add strength to that balance, and tune more and more finely as your skills progress. If you can’t meet as frequently, I would recommend a longer lesson time when we do meet to be able to get more deeply into things and hone those skills with more time for repetition. So meeting 2-3 times per month for longer, rather than every week for a shorter time. Everyone is different though, so you can always try one time and frequency and adjust to what seems to fit your goals.

Online Instructional Videos

*Coming Soon!*

    The videos give instructions on exercises to help coordinate the voice, to help with balance, alignment, honing resonances, working through bridges and breaks throughout vocal range, extending vocal range, and so many other helps in solving common vocal issues and expanding your vocal abilities. These can be a great way to learn how to work with your voice and answer common questions you might have about singing. They also give an opportunity to choose the level of singing you’re wanting to challenge yourself with, moving up to more advanced levels as you choose to or feel ready to try. Or maybe you’re already advanced and are looking for even more ways to coordinate and strengthen your voice. The voice is an endlessly progressing instrument that always has more room to grow and do even more than before, so the videos can also direct you to more ways your voice can improve that you hadn’t even considered.

    Working through the exercises with repetition and consistency can really help improve the coordinations and strength of your voice so you have access to more coordination and strength when you sing a song. Working a song is another step in coordinating your singing, which can be helped with some of the videos about basic singing issues you might be working on.    

      Then adding in private lessons to help answer questions about these exercises and instruction can help fill in any gaps of understanding and address any specific issues you’re not able to resolve with the videos alone.  And attending the classes adds another layer of learning with observing others resolving their vocal issues, which may be similar to yours, or ones you may come up against at some point. And if you choose to participate in the classes, it helps learn in an additional way under pressure, but also to add in more experiences being instructed in any given thing you’re wanting to work on at that time. The videos are a great way to layer in more learning about your own voice and give you chances to share your voice and learn in a supportive community of other singers working on their instruments too!


Group classes give an opportunity to learn from observing others, which can help you realize similar issues you might be working on. For those who volunteer to be a participant in the classes, they can choose to sing part of a song they need help with, either technically, or dynamically, or stylistically. Maybe a performance is coming up, or it’s just to help on a song you’re working on. You can ask about an exercise that doesn’t make sense, or recommend some exercises that will help with specific vocal issues. You can ask questions about other people’s parts they’re working on to understand more deeply for yourself. Whatever vocal questions you have or want to work on, it’s great to have check-ins for your own voice and to learn from others for self correction and understanding when it’s not you on the spot. It’s a supportive community of singers wanting to improve and happy to cheer each other on in their progress. Another great perk is the classes will be recorded so you can go back and keep learning from them. It’s amazing when you listen back to yourself how much different (and better) it sounds when you’re not in the moment learning and adjusting.

*Contact me for current classes, or to be put on the list to join*

Are Private lessons or Classes better for me?

A combination of both is the most effective and efficient way to learn and advance. 

    In Private lessons we can get much more detailed and specific and dive deeper. Classes are more of a certain issue in a song we have a shorter time to work on, but can really help those one or two things that just aren’t clicking. In classes, questions might come up for you in different ways when you’re observing others. Learning from the classes will also add to more exposure to other’s vocal issues which can help in self corrections and understanding as you learn from their vocal issues that might be similar to yours, or something you might encounter. It also helps expand your understanding of how singing works as you hear different voice types, styles and personalities. It’s helpful to know everyone has to work to learn how to coordinate their singing and it doesn’t all just easily happen for everyone. 

   Private lessons allow for fully analyzing your voice, your strengths and areas that need more help, and adjustments to those things as your voice evolves in correcting unhelpful habits and moving forward on better habits, and then intensifying and strengthening on top of the healthy habits and pushing past former limits continually. In private lessons, we can work more deeply into technique and healthy habits, and can work through more of a song, or be able to have more time to spend on especially tricky spots

   The classes give time for a short part of a song or part of your voice you would like help with. So even though it won’t go into all a private lesson can, it can help spot fix something you need a little extra direction with personally if you participate, and then we can dive deeper into it with lessons each time. And it also gives the great benefits I’ve listed in what the classes can do for you in observing other people and the things they’re working on.

Lessons Information
— We will focus on correct technique through exercises at the beginning of each lesson. Then we will apply that technique to the song of your choice, any style. We will also work on performance with and without a microphone as well as developing your personal artistry.
— I record each lesson digitally and email or text the file to practice with. 
— If students need the sheet music, I can buy the digital version and print it off to work with or have for an audition. The student will just be charged for the regular cost of the music.

— Printing lyric sheets for songs to write specific directions for practicing at home is also recommended.
— I hold Performance Master Classes for students to practice performing for other students as I coach them. Sometimes parents will be invited to watch. Practicing performing is the best way to improve performance skills. 

— Online lessons are a great option- please contact me for information to set up the most effective virtual lessons. 

Rates: Rates
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