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  I believe if you can speak you can sing. I try to help my students become not only strong singers, but artists and performers as well. With correct vocal training and a lot of correct practicing. Please visit my ABOUT page to learn more. 

Get in touch to learn more about Kathryn Tuttle Vocal Studio, and how I’ve been helping students since 2000.

About Me: Welcome
Retro Singer


My Story

    I have now been teaching for 21 years. I grew up in Oregon and Washington state. I sang in competitions, choirs, and even auditioned for and opened up for an up-and-coming country singer in high school. I also performed at various collegiate and professional events while earning my B.A. in music from Brigham Young University. Here I studied vocal technique, songwriting, dance, music dance theater and education. I studied with various vocal instructors including David Barrus, Barry and Debra Bonous and Randy Boothe, the head of BYU’s international performers, the Young Ambassadors.
   I have also studied, and continue to study, under various well known and respected teachers, including Speech Level Singing Instructors: Jeffrey Skousen of Las Vegas, Adam Roebuck of New York, Linda Tomkinson of Salt Lake City, Marcy Jacobsen of Provo, Anjanette Mickelsen of Salt Lake City and Wendy Parr of New York. As well as intensive master classes with these teachers and Rhonda Carlson of Las Vegas and Dave Stroud of Los Angeles. 
   I have always been interested in how the voice works so I could better understand how individual exercises effect and improve the voice. Each of my vocal instructors have helped me understand vocal technique at a deeper level as well as coaching me on the performance and recording aspects of singing. I continually educate myself with my own private lessons, master classes, workshops and research to help my own voice and of course the voices of my students. In my own experiences I have realized how incredibly important it is to find a teacher who truly understands how the voice works and can truly answer questions so no straining happens or unhealthy habits are formed. 
   I was always the student asking “why? “ to really understand how the voice works and to be a better singer, performer and teacher. There’s one thing to know how to sing yourself, and quite another to be able to train a variety of students with a variety of needs!            

Recording and Teaching

   I recorded my first album “Be There” , named for the song I wrote as the theme, with Tyler Castleton, who also produced the album. He has written and produced many albums for Deseret book, EFY and Nashville albums. I recorded on various albums as lead vocal and back up as well. I have traveled to promote my own album as well as others. I have sung back up for professional artists. I also recorded the album “The Sun Will Rise” with original songs and co-written songs with RichJones, who is also the producer of the album. Arrangements were done by Tyler Castleton and Jim funk (songwriter, arranger and record producer – he co-wrote “Buy Me a Rose” sung by Kenny Rogers). Most of my recordings can be found on iTunes. I continue to attend classes not only for singing, but also for songwriting so I can continue to improve to write and perform and love it.
   I was an instructor for Showtime MDT company in Utah. I taught in New Jersey for Stars Theatre Performing Company as a Vocal Instructor, Musical Director and Director of their Musical Theatre Camps in the summers for three years. While there I worked with professional choreographers of New Jersey and New York to create programs from the newest Broadway shows coming out. I also worked with vocal instructors from New York and New Jersey as the music director and as a private instructor. It was a great experience with students going for auditions in New York, needing various preparation for whatever their agents found for them, sometimes at the last minute. I was also a judge for various singing competitions for schools and companies. It was great talent to work with and a very intense experience living so close to the hub of music and performance.
   I was also a Music Specialist teaching music literacy enrichment classes for Musically Yours Inc., ages six months through kindergarten, teaching throughout New Jersey at preschools, daycares and private schools. I assisted in updating the curriculum they were using as well as presenting workshops in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for Musically Yours to keep music classes going in schools, teaching music literacy and love of music.
    I work with all ages from beginning to advanced. I love to help bring out each student’s unique sound and style. Vocal technique is the foundation of great performing and I have spent my career working to understand how to train each voice to be healthy and strong and resonant so each student can command whatever they need from their voice and performance at any level. I like to help educate singers on their individual voice and how it works, awareness of how it feels, and how to work to help empower them to continually reach new levels. I work with each student to find their own sense of style and artistry in the messy creative process to truly express themselves. As well as helping them feel confident with performance, microphone and stage coaching.
    As Jerome Bruner taught, “If you understand the basic concepts of something, and how the learner learns, you can teach anyone anything.” I take each student at whatever age level and understanding and work to help them understand and control their voice. To develop balance, strength and resonance. From children to adults, whether you are trying to develop your voice, or get something back that you once had, or might think you never had, it can be done. And it is so important to do it in a healthy, correct, self aware way. I try to help my students become not only strong singers, but artists and performers as well. We were all born to sing and feel the incredible connection to ourselves and others that it brings!

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